19 August, 2006 16:05


                 We are committed to our customers for total reliability as far as handling and forwarding of any shipments in any category. Once the shipments are handed over to us the same will definitely be forwarded within the shortest possible period including transit points.  The follow-up in the form of tracking the shipments, not only on software system
but also with the airlines and courier carrier directly and keeping informed the status of the same to our clients, is guarantied as we are totally aware of the value of money that our customers will be incurring on each and ever shipment.   The speedy delivery of shipments under express category on the same day including  USA and  UK  is the most
onerous task that we do not only assure to our parties but also meet the same without fail.

In Krucial Logistics, service is not over with the delivery of shipment.  It goes beyond this point since we always wish to submit speedy proof of delivery to our customers so as to enable them attain complete of mind.


           Krucial  Logistics  possesses the skill of handling  ‘Cold  Chain  Supply’  shipments such as vaccines, insulin, saline and life sciences products too.  We also offer expertise in packing the above cold chain products with  Dry  Ice  as per the guidelines of  IATA Dangerous  Goods  Manual  to new entrants in this business,  The  Standing  Operating
Procedures for handling such shipments right from the  EOU  Warehouse of the Manufacturer to the  Airport of the origin point can be offered to our customers, if needed.  Since the  CEO  of our  Set-up himself was in  Aviation  Industry for more than thirty years, having worked all over in  Air  Cargo  Complex  on managerial position and subsequently took over as  General  Manager  of one the leading  Freight  Forwarding Companies  in  Mumbai,  particularly specialized in handling and forwarding  Cold  Chain Supply  products through out the  Globe,  Krucial  Logistics  is well versed with all kinds of requisite knowledge in handling any category of cargo/courier shipments.


            Krucial  Logists  seeks to be a giant player in  India,  offering services for the shipments in both the modes  i.e.,  currier as well as cargo under one roof.  We wish to be a front runner in  Currier  and  Logistics  services in  India  and are looking forward to develop minimum four  Gate-way  point abroad in  Germany,  UK,  UAE,  and  USA  in
near future.

We have fulfilled and met all the stringent requirements that  IATA  seeks for its registration and applied for the same recently.  We are confident in achieving this mile- stone at the earliest.  We have already been registered as a member of  Express  Industry Council of  India  and  would like to grow manifold with a view to turning  Krucial Logistics  as one of the main  Consolidators  in  Mumbai  directly handling shipment for noted  International  Courier  Giants  such as  DHL,  TNT,  FEDEX,  UPS  and  ARAMAX. We  are  also in the process of getting  Customs  House  Agents  License  for clearing our shipments on our own without depending on any other  Agency  for the same.

         Since we are working strategically on our long term planning and are crystal clear in our vision,  Krucial  Logistics  will grow leaps and bounds and reach the pinnacles of success within a shortest span of period, without any doubt.